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Smart Riding

Innovations in online technology have made riding with WRTA easier than ever before. If you need to get somewhere, we can help you plan your trip in advance. And once you’ve decided, you’ll never have to worry about where your bus is or when it will arrive at your stop.

Here are some tools to help you ride WRTA with complete confidence.

Online Trip Planning

With WRTA’s Online Trip Planner, you can plan your trip in advance from any starting point to any destination served by WRTA’s Fixed Route buses.

Simply input your starting location, your destination, and the date and time you want to make your trip. The Trip Planner will show you the nearest bus stop, which bus you should take and when it get there, and when it will arrive at your destination.

Online Trip Planning is available on the myStop Mobile smartphone app. You can also plan your trip from your tablet, laptop or desktop computer by clicking here.

Track Your Bus

Once you know what bus you’ll be taking, you can see exactly where it is on a map — in real time, updated every minute — on the myStop Mobile smartphone app. Clicking on a stop will show when that bus will arrive at that stop. Other information, such as whether your bus is on time or running late and the number of passengers on board, can also be displayed.

For instructions on how to install and use myStop Mobile on your smartphone, click here. To track your bus from your tablet, laptop or desktop computer, click here.

Get Text Messages

Every WRTA bus stop has a unique code displayed on the sign for that stop. If you text that code to 321-123, you’ll instantly receive a text that tells you the times the next several buses will arrive at that stop.

If you’ve already planned your trip, you can receive a text notification or an email when your bus is getting near to your stop, at whatever number of minutes prior to its arrival you choose. Click here for instructions on how you can set this up within the myStop Mobile app or on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

WRTA Maps & Schedules

Maps & Schedules

WRTA provides daily service Monday — Friday on 24 Fixed Routes, Saturday on 22 fixed routes, and weekdays evening service on 3 on-demand vehicles.

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