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WRTA By The Numbers

Two recent surveys give some insight into how important WRTA is to the residents of the Mahoning Valley and to the overall economy of the area.

Results of WRTA On-board Rider Survey (June 2018)

More than 78% of riders take WRTA for reasons that directly impact the Mahoning Valley’s economy (riding to work, shopping or medical appointments). Of these, 48% use WRTA to get to their jobs.

69% of riders take WRTA out of necessity (no car available or cannot drive).

77% of riders take WRTA at least 4-5 times per week, with many of them riding several times each day.

Nearly half of WRTA riders have been using our services for more than five years, and another 34% have been riding between one and five years.

88% percent of riders rate WRTA as Excellent or Good.

Results of WRTA Phone Survey (June 2018)

91% of respondents stated that WRTA was “Very Important” or “Important” to Mahoning County residents.

71% of respondents rated the overall quality of WRTA service as “Excellent” or “Good.”

60% of respondents felt that WRTA has gotten better over the past 10 years.

85% of respondents rated WRTA as “Excellent” or “Good” at serving the people of Mahoning County.

60% of respondents rated WRTA as “Excellent” or “Good” at making good use of the tax dollars it receives.

70% of respondents rated WRTA as “Excellent” or “Good” at updating routes and services to meet the community’s changing needs.

75% of respondents rated WRTA as “Excellent” or “Good” at meeting the needs of people who don’t have other reliable access to transportation.

WRTA Maps & Schedules

Maps & Schedules

WRTA provides daily service Monday — Friday on 24 Fixed Routes, Saturday on 22 fixed routes, and weekdays evening service on 3 on-demand vehicles.

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