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Online Trip Planner

How to Use the WRTA Trip Planner

With WRTA’s Trip Planner, you can plan your trip in advance from any starting point to any destination served by WRTA’s Fixed Route buses.

Using the Trip Planner is simple:

  1. Type in the address you’ll be departing from into the “From” field.
  2. Type in the address you wish to travel to into the “To” field. (Note: If your departure point or destination is a shopping center, medical facility or other place of business, you may be able to enter that name rather than an address.)
  3. The Trip Planner will show you:
    • How far you have to walk to the nearest bus stop
    • The route number of the bus you need to catch and when it will arrive at your stop
    • When that bus will arrive at your destination.
  4. You can also see the total time your trip will take.
  5. Click on the arrow to see departures for the next 24 hours from this same bus stop that will take you to your destination.

If you need to travel on two different bus routes in order to get to your destination — in other words, you need to transfer from one bus to another one to get where you need to go:

  • Trip Planner will show you the bus that will take you from your departure point to Federal Station. Then it will show the Route Number of the bus you’ll need to transfer to, and when that bus will arrive at your final destination.
  • Note that you may be given multiple options for your trip, and a bus that leaves a little later may actually offer a trip that takes less total time.
  • For most trips involving a transfer to another route, you’ll need to get on a different bus at Federal Station. But in some cases, you’ll remain on your same bus, which will change Route Numbers before departing on the route that will take you to your destination. If that’s the case, Trip Planner will tell you to remain on board your first bus.

Trip Planner will use the current time as your departure time for the trip you’re planning, and show you the next bus that is due to arrive at your nearest bus stop. But you can change your departure time to a later time — or even a different day. In some cases, this may result in a more favorable route that will take less time.


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