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How to Ride

Ten Steps to Get Places on WRTA’s Fixed and Loop Routes

Step #1 – Deciding Where to Go

Plan your trip carefully. Decide where you want to go. Study the WRTA schedules for each route you may want to use. Go to Trip Planning for help from WRTA’s Customer Service Specialists. Answer the questions; then call them at 330-744-8431.

Step #2 – Getting to your Bus Stop

Walk to your bus stop or to the nearest intersection on the street where the bus route is located.

Step #3 – Your Bus Stop

If you see a bus stop sign, wait there for your bus. If you do not see a bus stop sign, wait right there anyway, as long as it is not a turning lane or a bridge. WRTA buses will stop anywhere along their route, even if there is no bus stop sign.

Step #4 – Your Bus

Your bus will have the route number and name on the electronic sign above the windshield. Wait for the bus to stop. If there is no bus stop sign, wave to the bus as it approaches (like you would to hail a taxicab). Remember to wave about one block prior to when you want the bus to stop.

Step #5 – Getting on Your Bus

Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop. When the door opens, you’ll find a cheerful driver greeting you. And you’ll see a fare box on your right as you board. Pay your fare. (Remember, you must have the exact amount, as drivers to not carry change.) If you need to catch a second bus to get to your destination, tell the driver you need a transfer and pay for the transfer as well.

Now, you’re ready to ride.

Step #6 – On Your Bus

Once you’ve paid your fare, find a place to sit comfortably for your ride. Anywhere in the bus is okay. However, seats with signs for older persons or persons with disabilities should be reserved for them. If all of the seats are full, please stand toward the back of the bus. For your safety, grab hold of one of the handrails and stand still while the bus is moving.

Step #7 – Nearing your Destination

Watch for your destination. It helps to watch for landmarks or street intersections as you approach. One block before you reach your destination, press the yellow touch strip or pull the cord near the window on the bus. This lets the driver know that someone wants to get off.

Step #8 – Leaving Your Bus

Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before starting to leave the bus. Leaving by the rear door is usually easier. Riders getting on at the front door may delay your exit. Once you’re off the bus, step away from the bus. Do not cross in front of the bus.

Step #9 – At Your Destination

If you know your destination, you’re all set. If you’re unsure, look around to find where you need to walk.

Step #10 – Coming Back

If you’re going back the way you came, look for a place to wait for your bus across the street from where you got off. When the bus comes, you’re on your way again. Sometimes your return bus stop may not be right across the street. Ask the bus driver before you leave the bus.

But what if I can’t get there on one bus?

Step #8A –Transferring to another bus

Start again at Step #3 – Wait for the second bus you need to catch.

Repeat Steps #3 through #9.

Services Offered by WRTA

Fixed Routes

Bus routes that operate on a fixed schedule and route.

Suburban Loops

Service to key destinations in Austintown, Boardman and Canfield.

ADA All-Access

A small bus service for seniors and people with disabilities who live within three quarters of a mile of the area served by Fixed and Loop Routes, but cannot use or have difficulty using these bus routes.

Countywide Service

Countywide Service picks you up at your home and takes you where you need to go, dropping you off at the curb or building within areas not served by fixed and loop routes.

Hours of Operation


Fixed and Loop Routes 6:00 am to 7:00 pm (Nightline as late as midnight)
ADA All-Access Service 6:00 am to as late as midnight
Countywide Service 6:00 am to 6:00 pm


Fixed and Loop Routes 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
ADA All-Access Service 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Countywide Service 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
WRTA Maps & Schedules

Maps & Schedules

WRTA provides daily service Monday–Saturday on 21 fixed routes and weekday evening service on 6 Nightline routes.

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