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All Star Schools Campaign Highlights Mahoning County High Schools

As the 2022-2023 school year starts, WRTA is seeking to recognize the contributions of secondary schools in Mahoning County with a new campaign, “All Star Schools”.

“We call them ‘All Star Schools’ because of the great job they do as they educate, inspire and develop our next generation of community leaders.” said Dean Harris, Executive Director of WRTA “These high schools give the Valley a lift too.”

All through September, WRTA will be highlighting local high schools in TV commercials, social media, on buses and even on the giant digital signs at Federal Station. “We want the community to know how our local schools add value and improve the lives of your students, their families and their community” Harris added.

Optional Individual Mention

All Mahoning County High Schools will be mentioned in the All Star Schools campaign. High Schools can also be highlighted individually in TV and social media messages if they wish and point out the things that make their school special. The individual messages cane even feature students, teachers and administration.


Letters were sent to the principals of all county high schools explaining how they can participate. Parents and students may want to encourage their school administrators to respond to the letters. There is no cost to participate— but schools need to respond by August 5 for individual recognition. 

Call 330-770-9627 or email Makenna Ozenghar at mozenghar@farrismarketing.com for details.