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Nominate Your Business for the “Give Local Small Business a Lift” Campaign

WRTA and the Business Journal are asking you to “Get on the Bus! And Give Local Small Business a Lift!”

Starting with National Small Business Week on May 1, WRTA and the Business Journal will be promoting and sharing the stories of twelve local small businesses on social media, TV, WRTA bus signs and the digital sign above Federal Street station. The twelve selected businesses will also be featured on BusinessJournalDaily.com and on WRTA’s website.

As a special bonus, one of the twelve businesses will also win a $3,000 TV advertising campaign on WKBN TV27.

Ready to Nominate Your Business?

To qualify for consideration, the small business must be on or very close to a WRTA Fixed Route (large bus route). Fixed Routes are on the major roads in Youngstown and the surrounding suburbs, such as Market St., Mahoning Ave., Belmont Ave., and others. There are more than 30 Fixed Routes all over the county. To determine if your business is on a Fixed Route, check the WRTA route maps and descriptions here. 

Once you have verified that your business qualifies, fill out the form below!

Deadline to nominate your business is Wednesday, March 30. The businesses selected will be notified by email and announced in this space and on social media.

Following our request, WRTA has received many nominations for businesses who would like to be a part of this campaign. Watch for our forthcoming announcement of the small businesses that have been chosen.