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WRTA May Put Your “Valley Valentine” on Its Video Display at Federal Station!

UPDATE: We have had a very strong response to our Valley Valentines promotion! The 14 individuals have been chosen, and their Valentines will appear on our Federal Station video display. These 14 entrants have been notified. Thanks to all who participated, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

WRTA has come up with a unique way to celebrate “Ohio Loves Transit Week” in 2022. We’re turning the tables by asking our riders “Who do you love?” — and giving you a way to answer that question in a big way with a “Valley Valentine.”

This year, Valentine’s Day is during “Ohio Loves Transit Week,” a campaign of the Ohio Public Transit Association, so WRTA is inviting their riders to, in effect, send a giant Valentine to a spouse, significant other, children or grandchildren.

14 lucky Valentines who submit the form below indicating to whom they want to send their love will have a huge Valentine with their names created and shown on the giant video display that looms 35 feet above Federal Station in downtown Youngstown. In addition, pictures of the winning Valentines will be taken and shared on WRTA’s website and on social media.

To be eligible to have your Valley Valentine shown on our Federal Station video display, fill out and submit the form below. 14 Valley Valentines will be chosen. Only one entry per person is permitted. Deadline to enter is Friday, February 11.

Be sure to indicate which one of the four designs you would like to use for your Valentine.

Design A

WRTA Valentine’s Day

Design B

WRTA Valentine's Day

Design C

WRTA Valentine's Day

Design D

WRTA Valentine's Day


Submission Form