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Starting Apr. 5, Buses Will Stop ONLY at Designated Bus Stops

Under a new policy that will take effect Monday, April 5, WRTA buses will stop to pick up or discharge passengers only at officially designated bus stops along each of WRTA Fixed Routes.

As of that date, riders will no longer be able to hail a bus at any location along a route, or request to get off the bus at a location that is not a bus stop.

“The primary motivation for this new policy is safety,” said WRTA Executive Director Dean Harris. “A rider is put in an unsafe position when he or she attempts to board a bus from an area where it’s not safe for a bus to stop. And when a bus unexpectedly stops at a location not marked by a bus stop, it can pose a danger to the traffic immediately around that bus.”

Every WRTA Fixed Route has bus stops strategically placed at optimal intervals, and each stop is clearly marked by a distinctive sign. As an added convenience, each bus stop is identified by a unique code. When that number is sent by text to 321-123, an automated reply will show the next few buses that are scheduled to come to that stop, and the times they will arrive.

There are several ways you can learn the location of bus stops along your favorite WRTA Fixed Route:

  • WRTA’s myStop Mobile smartphone app, available for both iPhones and Android devices, shows the location of every bus stop on every Fixed Route.
  • This same information is available on desktop computers or tablets at this page.
  • Go to our Maps & Schedules page and click on a route. Scroll down below the map and schedule to see a list of all bus stops on that route.
  • Or call (330) 744-8431 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday for information about bus stops along any WRTA Fixed Route.

“We’re asking that our riders begin waiting at WRTA bus stops during the grace period leading up to the new policy taking effect on April 5,” said Harris. “This will help to ensure the safety of all of our riders, as well as that of the traffic we share our routes with.”