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Transfers Will Be Eliminated as of September 3

Effective Tuesday, September 3, transfers will no longer be sold or accepted for WRTA bus rides.

The cost of two regular Adult fares (to and back from a destination) plus two transfers was $3.00, and the transfers were good for a limited time for one ride only.

Now for that same cost ($3.00), riders can purchase an Adult Day Pass and ride as many WRTA buses as they choose within a single day. Seniors and persons with disabilities can purchase a Day Pass at the reduced rate of $1.50.

An Adult Day Pass allows you to take an unlimited number of bus rides on any fixed route bus in the WRTA system on the day you purchase it. Transfers will no longer be needed in order to transfer from one bus route to another. You simply pay one price to get to and back from any destination in the WRTA fixed route system on that day, no matter how many different rides it takes.

Day Passes are only sold by WRTA drivers, and must be requested as soon as riders board the bus. In the near future, Day Passes will be sold at Federal Station.