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Ride WRTA Fixed Route Buses FREE Every Friday This Summer!

WRTA will offer free rides on every one of its fixed route buses each Friday in June, July and August.

The idea behind Free 4 All Friday is simple. Starting June 7 and continuing every Friday through August 30, no fare will be necessary to ride or transfer to any fixed route bus in the WRTA system. (WRTA’s Countywide and ADA All-Access services are not included in this promotion.)

“We created Free 4 All Friday with two purposes in mind,” says WRTA Executive Director Dean Harris. “First, we want to reward our loyal riders who use our service regularly. And secondly, we want to encourage those who have never used WRTA to give it a try and see how easy and convenient it is.”

First-time WRTA riders will want to check out the myStop mobile smartphone app, which shows all fixed routes in the WRTA system and the position of each bus that is traveling on them. myStop mobile has many additional features such as Trip Planning and text messaging to alert riders of when their bus is nearing their stop.