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Free Rides on Fixed Routes February 14 for Ohio Loves Transit Day!

WRTA will be part of a statewide celebration of public transportation in Ohio on February 14.

Valentine’s Day has been designated as “Ohio Loves Transit Day,” and WRTA will mark the occasion by offering free rides on all of the fixed routes in the system.

Over three million Ohioans rely on public transportation every weekday — and WRTA riders are a significant part of this group. They use WRTA to get to their jobs, for medical appointments, to buy groceries and to visit family and friends. In addition, over 40 percent of WRTA riders are persons with disabilities, while many others don’t own a vehicle and have no other means of transportation.

WRTA is important even to those who don’t use the service personally. It is a vital part of the local economy, in that area retailers benefit from customers who otherwise would have no way of patronizing their places of business. Also, WRTA makes it possible for more people to hold a steady job and therefore pay taxes. In fact, it’s estimated that every dollar invested in public transit generates four dollars to Ohio’s economy.

WRTA’s fixed route buses will operate from approximately 6:00 am to 6:00 pm on Ohio Loves Transit Day. Nightline routes operate as late as midnight. All rides on each of these fixed routes will be free on February 14. See this page for route and schedule information.