Special Service Transit ADA Complementary Paratransit Service (SST)

SST service is an origin to destination service available to people who are certified Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-eligible and for seniors 65 years and older. SST service is available within the area covered by WRTA’s fixed route bus service and Boardman Loop service.

The SST service supplements the fixed route service and is provided to individuals with disabilities and seniors citizens 65 years of age and older. Disabled individuals are required to submit Section I and Section II of the SST application. Senior citizens are required to complete Section I of the application and are eligible to ride the service based on the age requirement. These forms can be obtained by contacting WRTA and speaking to one of our customer service representatives at 877-845-9782.

The SST origin to destination service is for people with disabilities and seniors who are not able to or have difficulty using fixed-route bus service.

Eligibility is determined on an individual basis by the WRTA ADA coordinators using the following criteria:

  • Category I - Persons who are unable to board, ride, or exit a bus even if they are able to get to the bus stop and the bus is accessible.
  • Category II - Persons who cannot use buses unless they have wheelchair lifts or other accommodations.
  • Category III - Persons with disabilities who cannot travel to or from a bus stop. A person is eligible in this category if travel is impossible because of architectural and/or environmental barriers that, when combined with the person's disability, prevent that individual from reaching a bus stop.


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