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Route #24-Midlothian Blvd Crosstown

*WRTA RIDERS: Starting Sunday, September 11, 2022, this route will replace Route #24 Midlothian Loop.

24-Midlothian Blvd Crosstown


  • Leaving Southern Park Mall (by PNC Bank)
  • Continue to stop sign and turn left
  • Right on Market St
  • Right on Midlothian Blvd
  • Right on Youngstown-Poland Rd
  • Right on US Hwy 224
  • Right on Tiffany Blvd
  • Left on Doral Dr
  • Serve Walmart


  • Leaving Walmart
  • Continue on Doral Dr
  • Left on South Ave
  • Left on US Hwy 224
  • Left on Youngstown-Poland Rd
  • Left on Midlothian Blvd
  • Left on Market St
  • Left on Stadium Dr into Southern Park Mall
  • Left at the first drive
  • Stop at bus stop by PNC Bank