Fare Cards & Farebox

WRTA introduces New Farebox System, 31-day Pass & Multi-Ride Tickets.
Starting May 2nd, WRTA will only accept fare cards, tickets or cash for payments on bus.

Multi-Ride Ticket, Fixed Route
• Replaces the ticket book
• Will be sold with 10 rides and will be good until all rides are used.
• With discount coupon, tickets will have 15 rides.
• Tickets can be used on all fareboxes on WRTA Fixed Route Buses

NEW Day Pass, Fixed Route
• Can be purchased upon boarding a WRTA fixed route bus.
• Day Passes are not available for SST and EasyGo services.
• To purchase All Day Pass, put $3.00 in the farebox. The farebox will issue an All Day Pass that can be used for travel all day on the day of purchase.
• A Day Pass is also available for senior/disabled riders for $1.50.

All passes and tickets can be purchased at Federal Station.

Adult tickets can be purchased at the new self-service vending machine located at Federal Station.


Current Fares
31-Day Pass, Fixed Route:
$42 for adult; $21 senior/disabled

Multi-Ride Ticket, Fixed Route:
$12.50 adult; $6.00 senior/disabled;
$7.50 student (with proper ID)

Day Pass, Fixed Route
$3.00 per pass

All cash fares are unchanged.

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